Spyderco Discontinued for 2020 List Brings Hefty Cuts

Spyderco’s Discontinued for 2020 List has been put up, revealing which existing models won’t remain in production for another year.

Overall, the discontinuations are fairly dramatic, less because of any shocking picks and more because of the large number of individual knives leaving the active lineup. The biggest focus seems to have been on the more specialized products, with several quirky designs being cut for 2020.

Police 4 G-10

This particular model may not come as much of a surprise given the advent of the Police 4 Lightweight. The G-10 Police 4 is a bit stouter, a bit heavier, with a different steel and a higher price tag; but in terms of design the two knives are obviously nearly identical.

D’Allara 3

We saw the D’Allara 3 on last year’s list, too. The knife has remained in stock throughout 2019, so perhaps Spyderco didn’t end up going through with the cancellation; whatever the reason, the knife is once again up for retirement this year.

Pacific Salt

The Pacific Salt is the Endura-esque corollary in Spyderco’s Salt line. This first generation is being discontinued, but in the official discontinued list post Spyderco tantalizingly advises fans to keep an eye out for a Pacific Salt 2 in 2020.

Sage 1

At long last, the classic liner lock Sage 1 is being retired. The model kicked off the longrunning Sage series, in which each knife brings a different locking mechanism to the same design.

Squarehead Lightweight

Darriel Caston‘s diminutive Squarehead got an FRN-scaled update a couple years ago. The original titanium model was discontinued back in 2017 and the more affordable lightweight variant is out too.

Mantra 2

When the Mantra 3 debuted with some obvious improvements over the Mantra 1, it seemed like only a matter of time before that model left circulation, which it did last year. The Mantra 2, with its unique blade shape, stuck around another year before also getting cut.


Peter Carey‘s Magnitude design fit comfortably into the premium Spyderco category with its contoured carbon fiber scales, ball bearing flipper action, and luxurious Taiwan factory construction.


This is one of two Gayle Bradley designs on the way out for 2020. The Advocate was a premium titanium flipper that showcased the Texas-based maker’s usual attention to blade geometry and cutting performance. Early runs were marred by production issues, but the Advocate still hung around for while longer.


German knife maker Uli Hennicke‘s Opus design is a larger folder with an ergonomic, hump-backed handle and simple, robust liner lock design.

Q Ball

The Q Ball is a quirky Eric Glesser design, following in the tradition that brought us knives like the Dodo and the Poliwog. It didn’t remain in production for long but, like the Dodo, this one seems an ideal candidate for future Sprint Runs.

Lil’ Sub-Hilt

Bruce Vallotton‘s Lil’ Sub-Hilt shrinks the Sub-Hilt model down into something more pocketable, but with the same classy style and materials as the full-size original.

Hundred Pacer

This utterly original design from Jonny Liao seemed destined for a short shelf life. The Hundred Pacer’s huge trailing point blade and roomy handle made it a powerful slicer, but undoubtedly an acquired taste.


Brad Southard is the mind behind the Hanan, a classy and sleek little follow-up to his (also discontinued) Southard model.


The Gayle Bradley Junction is a solid and functional design from the Texas-based maker. Bradley, a BladeSports competitor, knows how to make a knife cut and the rugged PSF27-sporting Junction was made to work. Like the D’Allara 3, this one also appeared on last year’s Discontinued List but remained widely available.

Knife in Featured Image: Spyderco Advocate