Knife Collector Brings First Production Model to Life

Adam Purvis of APurvis Blades is getting his first production folder, the Primordial, ready for release. The designer grew his knife making business out of a decade spent as a full-blown knife enthusiast.

Purvis says the idea for the Primordial came from a simple desire to make a good Bowie knife. “I’m a big fan of Bowie knives. So one day I sat down and drew the knife up,” he tells us. The Primordial has a recurved 3.25-inch blade and opens via an elongated, chamfered thumb oval. It comes packed with all the high-end materials and detailing we’ve come to expect from OEM We Knife Co. Its frame is split between titanium and carbon fiber elements, complete with cutouts to keep the weight at an impressive, svelte 3.02 oz., and blade steel is M390.

The Primordial design is one of three production knives Purvis currently has scheduled. The next will be the tentatively titled Ish, a slim, angular knife being produced by Bestech. Finally there’s the Xerx, a flipper knife that’s further away from production reality and based off of one of Purvis’s few custom knives. “I’ve personally made 20 folders,” he tells us. “I realized it wasn’t my true passion, but it taught me a lot about geometry and function.”

Those lessons were carried into Purvis’s design work, along with a passion for knives developed over more than a decade spent collecting them. The APurvis Blades Instagram account is as much a personal account as it is a promotional one, with Purvis regular sharing and commenting on knives from his ever-changing collection. “The first expensive knife I bought was a Gen 2 XM-18. That’s where it started for me, years back,” he recalls. “I can go from the simplest $40 knife to a $1200 custom. I just enjoy knives.”

With three designs lined up, Purvis has begun to consider the long-term strategy for his brand. “Eventually I’d like to have offerings from the sub-$100 all the way up to the $300 range, and everything in between,” he says. With no intentions of making knives for a living, he can take his time and enjoy the scenery. “I would put myself into more of an enthusiast category. I’m passionate about the knife world and helping people become more involved in it.”

Knife featured in image: APurvis Blades Primordial