Emerson Unveils New Battallion Flipper

Emerson Knives has just unveiled its latest flipper knife, the Battallion. The new model packs in the expected and well-loved Emerson features, along with a couple of unique finishing touches.

EKI has a knack for imbuing even their simplest blade shapes with a standout style, and on the Battallion, a larger tanto blade is the eye-catching centerpiece. Ernest Emerson himself dubs the shape a “trailing point tanto.” A slight dip in the spine just aft of the forward swedge echoes that style of blade while still retaining all the straight, angular characteristics and two cutting edges of an American tanto. EKI coated the Battallion’s blade in a seldom-seen OD green Cerakote.

Emerson, who started a podcast this year, tells us that the large cutting edge points to the designs that made his name famous. “It hearkens back to the time of the larger Emerson Combat/Tactical Knives and it features the trailing point tanto blade which is very aggressive by design and penetrates cuts and slashes equally in all regards,” he says. The handle design echoes that seen on the Sheepdog, another flipper knife in the EKI lineup: a palm swell on the front side contrasts with a dip on back side, just beneath the pivot area.

The black G-10 used for the handle scales and coated liner lock won’t surprise to anybody who follows EKI, but there is another unique touch besides the standout blade. An Emerson skull logo coin or shield is embedded in the show side handle scale. Outside of the American Patriot model (which has a different coin) this seems to be a feature unique to the Battallion.

The Battallion is the fifth flipper to join EKI’s lineup. Like the other Emerson flippers, its also offers users the option of waving it open or deploying it conventionally with the thumb – in this case by using a thumb disc. It is the fifth flipper in as many years from Emerson, who kicked off the series with the release of the Sheepdog in 2015. It is the second knife, after the Sheepdog, to be designed from the ground up as a flipper; both the Combat Karambit and the CQC-7 flipper series take their general designs from well-known existing Emerson models.

Knife featured in image: Emerson Battallion