Spindle Collective Releases New EDC Hoodie

A California-based clothing company is releasing the Sigma 50, a premium hoodie designed with EDC enthusiasts in mind.

The knife world is one component of the larger EDC galaxy, which gathers a lot of different hobbyists together, each with their own particular interests: flashlights, wallets, tops, fidget spinners, pens, watches. For many, these interests often overlap, with a penchant for knives planting the seeds for a fascination with flashlights, and so on. Eventually, this EDC community began to develop another sub-genre: EDC-related clothes. These were pieces of apparel designed specifically with EDC enthusiasts in mind, with quality materials and additional design flourishes catering to their particular needs.

According to Spindle Collective, they wanted to jump into this trend and create a durable, long-lasting hoodie that packed in some additional features for EDC-conscious individuals. One of the biggest features is a series of three additional pockets sewn into the interior of the zip-up hoodie. These pockets are intended to provide an alternate storage option for EDC gear, taking weight off of pants pockets. “The pockets accommodate a wide variety of knives,” explains Spindle Collective’s Luke Wojnowski. “I carry no less than five items in the hidden pockets alone, including my Benchmade 300 / Panchenko Bean / Tangram.”

Other elements of the Sigma 50 cater to adjacent areas of interest for knife users. “We’re huge backpackers and adventurers, so we also put in multiple emergency survival elements,” Wojnowski tells us. The drawstring for the hood itself is made from several feet of 550 paracord, able to be withdrawn and used in an emergency survival scenario. “The grommets are oversized brass loops, perfect for making emergency snares,” he adds.

Wojnowski e notes that the material choices across the hoodie inform a desire for something rugged enough for outdoors activities as well as indoors. Diagonal seams at the shoulder help counteract wear from backpack straps, the elastic in the cuffs should hold its shape and tightness longer than regular elastic, and all the threading is done with core spun thread for additional durability.

Prior to this, Spindle crowdfunded a couple of coats: the Half Century Coat and the Forever Flannel woolen jacket. This is their first piece geared towards EDC enthusiasts. In terms of look, they kept it simple, straightforward, and recognizable. “We still managed to keep it looking like a traditional hoodie,” Wojnowski tells us.

The Sigma 50 is available for order now on IndieGoGo.

Featured Image: Spindle Collective Sigma 50