Victorinox 2019 Limited Editions Release

Victorinox has just unveiled the new for 2019 Limited Edition releases. This year’s color is a champagne gold that can be had on three popular, EDC-friendly Swiss Army knife models.

This new champagne gold color is the fifth limited edition hue available from Victorinox since they started the project in 2014. Last year the company opted for a bright and cheery ‘Berry Red’ color that popped a little bit more than the standard Victorinox red seen on both the Alox models and the classic Cellidor plastic scale versions.

Once again, the eye-catching new coloration is limited to the Pioneer, the Classic SD, and the Cadet. When we spoke to Victorinox in May of last year, the company told us that they intend to keep the yearly Limited Edition colors restricted to these three tried and true models.

Many people – including non-knife users – are familiar with the aptly-named Classic SD. This is the go-to keychain for many folk and includes a small pen knife, a pair of scissors, and a combination file and screwdriver. The Cadet and the Pioneer both pack in a larger blade, with the Cadet rounding out its tool selection with a can opener/screwdriver, nail file, and a bottle opener/flathead driver. The Pioneer supplements its blade with the bottle opener/driver and an awl. It’s the largest of the three models but by no means an unwieldy tool.

Victorinox hasn’t released official production numbers on the 2019 limited editions, but if they follow suit with previous years, production will be ongoing, but only for duration of 2019.

Knife in Featured image: Victorinox 2019 Limited Edition Pioneer Alox