Two Real Steel Collaborators Return for New Knives

Real Steel Knives is bringing out two new for 2019 designs from Chad Los Banos and Jakub Wieczorkiewicz of Poltergeist Works. Both the Archangel and the Terra embody well-known characteristics of their respective makers.


The Archangel is a new design from Chad Los Banos, who has always had a way with ergonomics. Los Banos favors dramatic handle designs that remain comfortable while still showcasing a lot of personal flair. The Archangel’s steel framed and G-10 scaled handle has a series of cutouts on both the top and bottom, and a flared out butt end to prevent slippage.

This eccentric handle is paired to a large trailing point blade measuring 3.9 inches long and made from D2 blade steel. “The blade gives the knife an extremely obvious West Asian feel, which Los Banos has drawn from his many years inspired by Asian design aesthetics,” says Real Steel’s Jamie McKenna. He also says that RSK intends to make the Archangel a superstar in their lineup. “Originally this knife was conceived as a very complex model with interlaced wings milled down the handle. This idea was shelved until the higher end version of the knife comes out with titanium handles and an upgraded blade steel.”


Poltergeist Works’ latest collaboration with RSK is the Terra, a sturdy EDC knife. Los Banos’s Archangel is bigger, but the Terra is still a sizable cutter, packing a 3.5-inch drop point blade that opens via thumb hole cutout in the blade itself. RSK settled on its standard 14C28N steel for the blade material on this one, and is providing four different handle colors for customers to peruse.

McKenna tells us that the Terra and the Archangel share one very important feature. ” The commonality that both of these knifes share is the newly implemented deep carry wire pocket clip.” He notes that this has been a much-requested feature from users and became a priority in 2019 with these two releases. “Our fans complained for a long time about the lack of proper sturdy deep carry clips and this ideally is our answer to them.”

Knife in Featured image: Real Steel Knives Archangel