Terrain 365 Drops Diver Knife

Terrain 365, the new project from Prometheus Design Werx’s Patrick Ma, has just released the Nautilus-Alpha. The new fixed blade, designed explicitly for use by divers, is made from the same Terravantium material Terrain 365 utilized on its debut products.

The new Nautilus-Alpha sports a large, harpoon-style blade blade shape with a plain edge. The broad blade may be aimed at divers and their specific cutting needs, but the entire knife emulates the lines of many a classic outdoor fixed blade. It is mated to a skeletonized polymer handle, which is covered with an epoxy for added water resistance and durability, and comes with a Kydex sheath. The Nautilus-Alpha can be purchased in two different colors, orange and black, but either version sports a dark stonewash blade finish.

Of course, the main selling point of the Nautilus-Alpha will be Terravantium, a propriety dendritic cobalt alloy that has been the star of Terrain 365’s lineup since the young company’s beginnings. In the field of dive knives, Terravantium will be compared to various materials, including fully titanium blades. “Many dive knives use a titanium alloy which do perform very well in the area of corrosion,” Terrain 365 writes. “But as most users know, without a special carbidized edge application, titanium blades become dull very quickly with any use.” They also compare Terravantium to more traditional, high stain resistance alloys. “There are some very corrosion resistant stainless steel alloys available, but as they are all ferrous based, they are magnetic.”

The original outlay to create Terravantium was daunting, but the company knew the work would pay dividends in terms of the material’s rust proof nature and impressive edge retention. “The cost of the alloy itself is quite high but for the resulting performance qualities, Terrain 365 finds it superior in just about all practical considerations for a cutting tool,” the company tells us.

Knife in Featured image: Terrain 365 Nautilus Alpha