WE Creates EDC-Friendly Balisong Comb

WE Knife Co. just released the Nerv, the first balisong-style product the high-end production juggernaut has produced.

Of course, the first thing anybody will notice about the Nerv is that while it has a balisong-style construction, it is not a butterfly knife; rather it is a folding comb. The ‘blade’ length is 4.3 inches and both the handle and the comb itself are made from titanium, embellished with the precise, meticulous detailing that WE is, by this point in 2019, well-known for. Ceramic ball bearings complete the feature list, making the Nerv a combination of EDC gear, fidget toy, and balisong trainer.

Over the years, the knife community has crossed over extensively with the larger EDC community, which focuses not just on pocket knives but also other helpful everyday items like combs, wallets, and flashlights. WE’s VP of Marketing Henk Hakvoort tells us this larger product category will become a new arm of both WE itself and its budget-oriented Civivi label as well. “For quite some time we had the idea of doing more EDC gear, both for our Civivi and our WE lineup” he says. The company debuted a whistle/firestarter tool at BLADE last year and says the positive response dictates more non-knife tools will follow. “We have the equipment and our customers keep asking for EDC items.”

But for those who are strictly into knives, does the Nerv hint at a possible future bladed balisong? Given the nature of knife laws in the United States, an imported balisong is illegal to bring into the country. Putting aside the question of the laws changing, WE has no intention of pursuing balisong production in any other way – for now. “Right now we do not have plans to come with a real balisong,” Hakvoort tells us. “But we do not exclude this either for the near future.”

The Nerv is arriving with dealers now, with an MSRP of $233.

Knife in Featured image: WE Knife Co. Nerv