Böker Showcases Fresh Talent with New Fixed Blade

Böker is back yet again with another fixed blade release for spring. Part of the Solingen-produced line from the company, the new TNT showcases the clean, utility-driven style of young German designer Toni Tietzel.

The TNT settles comfortably into the growing category of ‘do-all’ fixed blades, knives calibrated to handle both outdoor and around-the-house cutting chores. It’s possessed of a particularly streamlined design, the centerpiece of which is a 3.7-inch drop point blade. The blade can be adapted to different needs with its sensible blend of straight edge, belly, and acutely pointed tip.

A long swedge runs from that tip nearly across the whole length of the blade spine, giving the TNT just a hint of visual flair that breaks up its otherwise subdued design. As a Solingen-made Böker, the TNT is out of the realm of entry-level steels like 440C, and comes equipped with a blade made of Böhler-Uddeholm N690, a true ‘oldie but goodie.’

Although it looks refined, it’s worth noting that Böker left the blade stock on the TNT a hardy .15 inches thick. In keeping with Tietzel’s custom work, the elegance of design did not get in the way of toughness, and the TNT stands ready to work in harder outdoor chores just as easily as it can perform the heightened cutting and slicing tasks we expect of smaller knives.

Tietzel kept the handle as clean as the blade, with an oblong profile embellished by only the gentlest of curvatures. The full tang TNT comes set with pinned handle scales made of Grenadill wood, with a slight horizontal contour to fill out the grip. The only other visual element on the TNT is its lanyard hole. In terms of carry Böker has complimented the TNT’s classy, almost traditional vibe with a leather sheath.

Tietzel is a fresh talent in the knife world, and has been making a name for himself in the custom world with super clean, meticulously-made fixed blade designs like the TNT. This is his first production collaboration with Böker.

The TNT is scheduled to release this month.

Knife in Featured image: Böker TNT

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