Krudo Readies Gladius-Inspired Fixed Blade for Release

Krudo Knives is readying its latest fixed blade for release. Called the MANIKOMIO, the new knife takes inspiration from the gladius sword and brings it into a widely capable, balanced cutting tool.

We see knives emulate all sorts of historical blades, but not too many reference the gladius. That sword’s sinuous profile is instantly recognizable on the MANIKOMIO, and although Krudo shrunk it down to a more manageable 5-inch blade length, they retained the double-edge nature of the original. The blade is made from 9Cr18MoV complete with a black coating that extends over the entire full tang knife.

An unusual element to this particular gladius blade is the presence of serrations on both edges. Although a plain edge portion exists as well, company founder Louis Krudo says he opted for this combination edge configuration in order to prolong the MANIKOMIO’s usefulness, no matter where users choose to take it. “From a utility standpoint, the serrations will stay sharp longer and require less maintenance,” he tells us. “They’ll keep working even if the plain edge dulls.”

Krudo also chose to emphasize ergonomics on this one. The MANIKOMIO’s slender, hourglass-style handle is about an inch longer than the blade itself, and this is by design. “”In many fixed blade designs, the handle to blade ratio is either the same, or the blade is longer than the handle,” Krudo explains. “I went for a longer handle with a shorter blade, making it more comfortable for a wider range of hand sizes.” Users will get a Kydex sheath with their MANIKOMIO, complete with a removable nylon belt loop so they can alter the sheath to suit their needs.

When asked about the differences between making a folder and making a fixed blade, Krudo tells us his concerns shift from mechanical to visual and ergonomic ones. “There are no moving parts on a fixed blade. As I design, I simply want a well- balanced, utilitarian and visually appealing tool.” He points out that the lack of a lock and a pivot does not make fixed blades any easier to design. “To be honest it takes me about the same amount of time. Because, not only do I design the knife, I also control production. I’m fully invested in everything Krudo Knives makes.”

The MANIKOMIO is available for presale now and expected to arrive next month. Krudo tells us to expect more from the company this year. He has plans for another fixed blade, a new folder, and a Kickstarter project as well.

Knife in Featured image: Krudo Knives MANIKOMIO