LionSteel’s Latest Slipjoint is the bestMAN

One of the highlights of LionSteel’s IWA presentation was the bestMAN, the new slipjoint from the Maniago maker. The bestMAN comes in several variations but all blend modern and traditional features.

The bestMAN comes in both a single-blade and two-blade configuration. The single-blade model sports a 2.8-inch clip blade; the two-blade model adds a 2.57-inch Wharncliffe blade that folds out from the other end. In both configurations LionSteel topped out the bestMAN’s performance with M390 blade steel; however, the opening method hews to a more traditional path, with an linear nail mark similar to a French cut for holding onto the blade.

The bestMAN’s traditional heritage once again shines through in the handle design. Both versions have a rectangular, double-bolstered frame with a slight ergonomic curve across the bottom side. The bolsters are made from titanium, and users have a choice between five different cover materials: Santos, Ebony, or Olive wood fill out the natural material options, while those in the market for synthetics can opt for either carbon fiber or natural canvas Micarta. Both the single- and double-blade bestMEN are clipless; the single-blade model weighs 2.4 oz., and the double-model tips the scales at 3.28 oz.

The bestMAN takes another cue from modern folders in that it has a screw-together construction. Most ‘true’ traditional knives are assembled with pins, which precludes any sort of disassembly for maintenance. Here, LionSteel chose a construction style in sync with the desires of modern knife users. At least partial disassembly appears to be a go on the bestMAN.

LionSteel has not yet disclosed a release date for the bestMAN.

Knife in Featured image: LionSteel bestMAN

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