Tommaso Rumici Creates Versatile Ferox Fixed Blade

The latest design by prolific maker Tommaso Rumici to hit the production scene is the Fox Knives Ferox. The Ferox is a tactically-inspired fixed blade with a multifunctional twist.

According to Rumici, the Ferox originated as a collaboration with his friendly local knife store, Coltelleria Scintilla. “There is a knife shop in my town, and I’ve been part of the furniture there since when I was probably eight years old,” he tells us. The collaboration had a simple goal: “We wanted the knife to be a small, easy to carry all-arounder, with some added features.”

Rumici’s sketch of the Ferox/Spark

Flexibility is the keyword here. The core of the Ferox’s abilities lie, of course, in the blade: a 3.54 inch drop point that comes with a partially serrated edge or, in the Coltelleria Scintilla-exclusive variant called the Spark, with a plain one. Fox made the blade from N690Co, and complimented this steel’s well-rounded characteristics with a robust flat grind and an expansive swedge.

In terms of ergonomic linework, Rumici opted for pure simplicity: a linear shape, beefed up in the center of the grip with G-10 scales (which are also key to the knife’s other features). A finger ring at the back end expands the grip options for the Ferox.

The handle is also where the multifunctional elements come into play. Cutouts on each side of the handle hold driver bits: one Phillips, one flathead. Rumici says this particular element was inspired by a common knife user problem: “Since a lot of users still break the tip using the knife as screwdriver, we decided to add a bit driver.” Rubber O-rings wrap around the handle to secure the bits during periods when they’re not being used. The Ferox weighs 5.29 oz. and comes with a Kydex sheath for carry. “If you want to use the bit driver safely, you need to keep the Kydex sheath on,” Rumici notes. He says the carabiner clip built into the finger ring allows the knife to be attached externally for easy retrieval and use in this screwdriver role.

Rumici continues to keep the designs rolling out this year. He teamed up with another Maniago-based manufacturer, Viper Knives, earlier this year for the Berus fixed blades. Multiple Rumici designs have been rolled out through Steel Will this year and last. A new Summit Knife Co. knife, called El Capitan, is also a fresh Rumici design.

Knife in Featured Image: Fox Knives Ferox