Jens Ansø and ZT Conjure Up Drop Point Slipjoint

Zero Tolerance and Jens Ansø have expanded their slipjoint repertoire with the release of the ZT 0235. This model expands on a chassis established last November with the 0230, bringing a new blade shape into play.

The original 0230 was the first slipjoint in the ZT catalog. Ansø turned to his custom portfolio for inspiration, specifically the Monte Carlo model. As the Danish maker is well known for his love of unconventional blade shapes, this meant that the 0230, in addition to being the first slipjoint in ZT’s catalog, was its first true sheepsfoot as well.

The 0235 swaps out that sheepsfoot for a drop point shape. The blade length remains the same at 2.6 inches, but the profile does alter the new knife’s cutting vocabulary compared to its stablemate. A raised, acute tip will help with any sort of piercing tasks, and with that raised tip comes a curved cutting edge. In terms of opening, users are still given a nail mark in the traditional slipjoint style. However, just like the 0230 the 235 has a less traditional double detent setup to keep it more secure whether open or closed; a half stop is also included.

Ansø and ZT retained the 0230’s simple handle shape for the 0235: the slightest arcing profile with a mild point in the middle of the channel side to help locate the fingers. However, one key addition has been made: whereas the 230 was a clipless knife meant to be carried in the pocket, the 235 comes with a loop over, deep carry pocket clip.

ZT’s prior release to the 0235 was the 0357 flipper. Sister company Kershaw just kicked off a new Sprint Run program, which has just seen its second release in the form of a Bareknuckle with premium materials: carbon fiber scales and an M390 blade.

The ZT 0235 will be available shortly.

Knife in Featured Image: Zero Tolerance 0235