Something Obscene Company Releases Integral Nemley

Felix Archibeque, the knife maker behind Something Obscene Company, is keeping the pedal to the metal this spring. Less than a month after the release of the Journeyman Hawkbill folder he is rolling out a new, integral version of the Nemley Cleaver.

The biggest change in V3 is that integral construction. This machining-intensive build results in a reduction in hardware. The all titanium handle features the same cuts and curves as former Nemley’s, but Archibeque and We Knife Co., who are making this knife, went a step further. They partnered with Fat Carbon for three different carbon fiber inlay options: Black Camo, Lava Flow, or Arctic Storm. For those who prefer there will also be a pure titanium option without an inlay.

These are the latest versions of the Nemley, dubbed V3. Other than the major change in the handle, small tweaks have been made across the design; but the fundamental look, attitude, and dimensions of the knife haven’t changed: a big, bold frame lock with an eye-catching cleaver blade. This is a knife that can power through denser media with ease, and the CPM-20CV steel will ensure a long-lasting edge as well.

Alongside the full-size V3s, Archibeque is also offering users the option of a Mini Nemley. This knife, offered in two different color configurations (but with no carbon fiber inlay), makes a major reduction to the Nemley Cleaver size, bringing the overall length down to just 5.5 inches.

This is the first time the Nemley Cleaver has been available in some time. When the first version of the knife debuted in 2017 – thanks to some help from fellow makers Kyle Chumchal and Elijah Isham – it helped bring Archibeque’s work into a wider audience. He built on that renown in 2018 with a decision to emphasize production projects.

These V3 Nemley’s will be very limited. Preorders are going up tonight at 5pm Central Time. Archibeque says that production is expected to wrap up by October.

Knife in Featured Image: Something Obscene Nemley Cleaver V3