Boker Plus Collection 2023 Comes to Us from Sal Manaro

Boker’s Collection 2023 folder is arriving soon. This year’s model comes from Sal Manaro and renders his elegant, understated style in very modern materials.

Manaro’s work operates in that interzone between old and new; while equipped with locks, made from modern materials, and often one-hand opening, there’s something ineffable about his pieces that hearkens back to the classic era of traditional folding knives.

All of these qualities, which are easier to achieve in custom work than production, have been successfully translated into this limited edition piece. Different Boker Plus pieces are made in different regions, and this one comes from an Italian OEM (dare we guess the city?). The central element is that hyperclean drop point blade; at 3.43 inches, it can flex up into big chores, or down into smaller ones. It is also made with MagnaCut, a steek made for modern knives, so edge retention and stain resistance are specifically calibrated for the kind of work you’d want this folder to do. The blade is opened with an angled thumb stud, which is a bit of an unusual touch.

The backspacer has also been extensively machined

The traditional/modern vibe continues on the Collection 2023’s handle. The scales are full titanium, but there’s a faux-bolster etched into the show-side scale, and, beneath that, “jigging” in the form of bullseyes cut over and over into the handle. The hardware keeping everything together has been anodized blue, and the pivot collar’s made from timascus. Putting all this material glitz to the side, the shape itself is a real classic, contoured just enough to usher the fingers into the correct places without feeling constricted. There’s a non-reversible titanium clip too; in total the Collection 2023 weighs 5.19 oz.

Boker’s “Collection” series is a family of knives produced at the beginning of a calendar year in a single, small batch. The Collection 2023 is limited to 500 pieces. The German website gives a release date of March 31st, whereas the American counterpart merely says “Coming Soon.” We’d advise monitoring both from here on out if you want to snag one when they do drop.

Knife in Featured Image: Boker Plus Collection 2023

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