Victorinox 2023 Alox Collection is Themed around Electric Yellow

Victorinox’s 2023 Alox Collection has arrived. As usual, it includes a small selection of popular models, anodized in a special color of Alox scales limited to the year of production.

This is the ninth time Victorinox has released an Alox Collection, and over those years, the included models have changed a bit. In 2021, Victorinox inducted the Pioneer X into the lineup, and it is once again on tap this year. Alongside the Pioneer X, Victorinox also included the Hunter Pro and the immortal Classic SD. If you’re new to the Victorinox lingo, by the way, “alox” means these models have the griddle-patterned aluminum scales instead of the standard red Cellidor ones; many enthusiasts favor the Alox for its durability, the thinner profile, and, of course, the different colors it can come in.

So speaking of that color: this year it is “electric yellow” which, according to Victorinox, is “brimming with optimistic energy and power.” The anodization process that applies the vivid color to the aluminum scales is pretty durable too, so, although these may be collector’s items for some, they should also withstand years of use and pocket carry.

Other than the color change, these are identical to the standard models in terms of tool loadout and materials – although it is worth noting that the Hunter Pro comes with a matching electric yellow paracord fob.

The 2023 Alox Collection is available now. As with the eight previous batches, these are not limited to a set number of pieces, but will only be produced in the year of their origination.

Knife in Featured Image: Victorinox 2023 Alox Collection

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