TuffKnives Returns to CIVIVI for Tanto Concept 22

The newest fixed blade from CIVIVI is the Concept 22, an aggro design from Geoff Blauvelt of TuffKnives. The Concept 22 brings a brash blade shape and straightlaced handle design together to create something both stylish and useful.

Measuring 4.8 inches, the Concept 22’s blade is sizeable to begin with – but its stage presence is heightened by its shape, an exaggerated tanto. The proportions here are what gives it its particular attitude: the ‘secondary’ edge is longer than the primary one, beginning way back on the profile and sweeping up towards the tip. It’s a shape that Blauvelt has been using in some of his custom work before now.

The secondary edge actually comprises more than half the blade length

Looks are one thing, but the size and design of this one backs up its wild appearance. The Concept 22 is a thoroughbred hard user, taking big bites out of big jobs. Recurring CIVIVI cast member D2 semi-stainless is the steel, which has been doing yeoman’s service in their everyday carry models but is equally, if not more, suited to the tough work that may be expected from the Concept 22.

There’s an interesting contrast at play in the Concept 22, where this wild blade shape is married to a handle that’s just about as simple as can be. It’s most ‘eccentric’ feature is the pointed lanyard attachment point, which literally points out of the back end of the Concept 22; but other than that, just an unassuming, curving handle shape, conducive to any grip you’d care to use. There’s also a pretty sizeable forward finger choil, which can impart a greater degree of control over that monster blade than you might expect given its general appearance.

The Concept 22 comes with a Kydex sheath for carry, as have most of its predecessors in the CIVIVI fixed blade corral. This is the second CIVIVI/Tuffknives collaboration, following on from the ODD 22 folder which released last year. The Concept 22 will be arriving in late March/early April, alongside the first collaboration between CIVIVI and Gavko Knives.

Knife in Featured Image: CIVIVI Concept 22

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