GiantMouse Celebrates 10 GM Line Releases with Bigger, Premium Clyde

Yesterday, GiantMouse released the GMX, the tenth knife in their premium GM line and a design inspired by one of the most popular knives in their ACE lineup.

The GMX fulfills the wishes of many GiantMouse fans for a bigger version of the Clyde. The Clyde came out in 2019 after an extended pre-release period, during which many of the details of the knife were shared but, for various reasons, the actual debut was delayed. When it landed, the Clyde was warmly received. Eventually GiantMouse grew the line with a lower-priced, aluminum-handled model and, last December, a denim micarta variant.

With pretty much any folding knife release, there will be people who want larger or smaller versions. Sometimes, if the model is popular enough, those wished-for variants become a reality, and that’s what the GMX represents for Clyde fans. It is clearly a Clyde, with the same East meets West blade shape and styling, but with a longer cutting edge. It’s still not an enormous knife, but with the 3.25 blade length here we can see the capabilities being expanded somewhat compared to the original.

Speaking of expanded capabilities, we’ve got a pretty notable steel on tap. Previous Clydes were either made from Elmax (for the Micarta models) or N690Co (for the aluminum ones), but here the GMX’s blade is made from S90V. This is the first time S90V has appeared in GiantMouse’s lineup, and even though it is a relatively older powder metallurgy steel it still remains on the upper end of the performance spectrum, particularly in the department of pure edge retention.

The handle shape is the same angled profile seen on the original Clyde, but again, the materials are different. Looking at the titanium frame you’ll notice a distinct absence of unnecessary hardware, and that’s because the GMX has an integral frame; there’s a brass bolster on the show side, and on the off-side you’ll notice that the GMX is a frame lock instead of a liner lock (as was the case on the Clydes). A cool custom GiantMouse sculpted titanium clip completes the feature list in style; the GMX weighs 3.8 oz.

The GMX is available now, and is a GM line release – which is to say it’s a single, limited batch and will be discontinued after the run is sold out.

Knife in Featured Image: GiantMouse GMX

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