GiantMouse Clyde Slips into Some Denim for the Winter

Here’s a quick ICYMI: GiantMouse managed to get in one more release before the end of the year, a new denim Micarta variant of their popular Clyde folder. The new version isn’t just about the fashion, as it also brings a new-to-the-model steel to bear.

The original Clyde came out in 2019, but it was part of the GiantMouse mythos before that, talked about and alluded to, but constantly deferred for various reasons, including a first production batch that simply wasn’t up to GiantMouse’s standards. Eventually it rolled out and took its place alongside other standbys in the ACE lineup, with premium materials making it a stylish and capable everyday carry piece.

This is the first time Denim Micarta has been used in the GiantMouse lineup

Part of what’s different on the Denim Micarta Clyde is right in the name: instead of scales of brass or canvas Micarta, denim Micarta makes its debut in the model line and, indeed, the entire GiantMouse catalog. Denim Micarta is one of the lesser-seen variants of the reliable composite, but it popped up here and there this year on knives, and it fits the swanky GiantMouse style quite well. The dark blue of these scales is offset by a brass backspacer, just as we saw on the original Micarta version.

The other change of note here is that the Denim Micarta Clyde’s Persion-style blade is made from CPM-20CV blade steel. This is a changeup in the Clyde line, with the original being made from Elmax and the budget-calibrated aluminum model using N690Co. You know you’re in a good place steelwise when you’re picking between Elmax and 20CV, and indeed the two steels are quite similar; that being said, in our book 20CV pips it by a hair, and it’s always nice to have more steel options no matter what they are.

The Denim Clyde is available now. It is likely to be the last 2022 GiantMouse release, capping off a very busy year that included their first slipjoint release, a big fixed blade, and the “Tantukko” GM9 folder.

Knife in Featured Image: GiantMouse Denim Micarta Clyde

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