GiantMouse “Tantukko” GM9 Folder Releases

GiantMouse just dropped the GM9, latest folder in their limited edition premium line. The GM9 is a unique entry in the GiantMouse catalog, with a distinct fusion of Eastern and Western blade design from co-creators Jens Anso and Jesper Voxnaes.

The 3.4-inch blade is a real eye-catcher. GiantMouse describes it as a Tantukko, a blend between the traditional Finnish puukko blade and a Japanese tanto grind. The end result is, obviously, a cool looking blade, but one that also takes advantage of the characteristics of its two inspirations on a practical level. The tanto heritage provides a tip that’s robust and well-suited to big piercing chores, while the narrow puukko profile keeps the whole edge maneuverable and deft in the hand. The blade steel on this Reate-produced piece is CPM-20CV, so performance for any who put their GM9 to work will be quite high.

The GM9’s handle, like the blade, combines elements of both East and West. The linear, rectangular shape is a common sight on tantos, and anything in the larger kwaiken genre; but there’s also a slight taper to from back to front that evokes the mild asymmetry of traditional puukko handles. Both the front and back scales are made from titanium, decorated with an intricate horizontal texturing that echoes previous GM releases. They scales are also PVD coated in a dark bronze hue, which gives the knife a rich, handsome luster. Finally there’s the bespoke pocket clip, sculpted from titanium of course; it’s deep carry and loop over, but not reversible to the other side or tip-down carry.

Unlike the now far more populous ACE line, the GM series is all limited run projects. A total of 400 pieces are made, 75% of which are in the standard trim, while the remaining 100 are in the even more exclusive Pirate configuration. In this case, the Pirate GM9 (designated GMP9) has a black PVD coated blade, which gives the whole design a more tactical flair without adjusting the dimensions.

It seems like we’re always saying this these days, but the GM9 is expected to go fast. It dropped at noon today so you still have a chance if you act quick. Good luck!

Knife in Featured Image: GiantMouse GM9

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