KA-BAR Adds New Hatchet to 2022 Lineup

Here’s something a little different: KA-BAR has just added a new ax to their lineup, the Hatchet Hawk. The Hatchet Hawk is a compact outdoors companion aimed squarely at a budget price bracket.

We’ll have to confirm with our sister site AxeNews, but as far as we understand it, a hatchet is a smaller, nimbler axe, light enough to carry on extended treks but still burly enough to do the high impact cutting chores knives aren’t as well-suited for. The Hatchet Hawk’s bit blade length measures 4.75 inches long, so it has the real estate necessary to get serious chopping done. The blade steel here is 5Cr15MoV, which is admittedly a pretty low-tier steel when it comes to edge retention. However, it is very stain and impact resistant – qualities which are arguably more important in an axe than pure edge life. And, of course, the presence of this simple stainless instead of something more elaborate helps the Hatchet Hawk stay in its desired sub-$100 price range.

The sheath included with the Hatchet Hawk is made from polyester

The Hatchet Hawk’s 16-inch body curves as it moves towards the butt end, creating enough of a rise to prevent backward slippage in use. The handle scales are made from TPR, a rubberized material that is particularly well-suited to any implement expected to engage in high-impact chores. KA-BAR listed the Hatchet Hawk with a weight of 1.56 oz., and a polyester sheath is included as well.

This isn’t the first time KA-BAR has produced an axe. The knife-adjacent category has been occasionally served by the company throughout its history, and you can still find vintage KA-BAR axes for sale every so often on the vast secondary market. But the Hatchet Hawk is the only axe in the company’s current active lineup, so if you want a hatchet from the Oleans, NY giant, this is the only game in town.

On the other end of the KA-BAR price range, custom shop State & Union continues to chug away on special projects. One of their latest is an entry in another underserved knife genre, the folding razor. The 6412 Straight Razor hearkens back to KA-BAR’s origins, way before the USMC knife made its name and set its path going forward; and of course, being a State & Union joint, comes with premium materials and a flamboyant, modern design.

Featured Image: KA-BAR Hatchet Hawk

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