Pioneer X Joins Alox Limited Edition for the First Time

Victorinox is releasing its 7th annual Alox Limited Edition models today. As in previous years, the manufacturer decked out a trio of popular knives in a one-off coloration, available only throughout this particular year. Victorinox calls 2021’s color Tiger Orange, and its quite a departure from last year’s Aqua Blue; but the biggest surprise is that two of the three selected knives are different than in years past.

One model remains the same, and that is, of course, the ubiquitous Classic SD. But instead of the standard Alox Pioneer, we’re getting the Pioneer X variant. If you’re unfamiliar, Victorinox granted fans a long-held wish back in 2016 by adding a pair of scissors to the Pioneer, on top of its standard suite of tools. The scissors do require the addition of a third tool layer, meaning the Pioneer X is a tad heavier and wider than its forbearer, but it’s still eminently pocketable and lightweight.

The Pioneer X was the first “X” series model, which Victorinox later expanded with last year’s Farmer X; and it’s nice to see the scissor-sporting variant join the Alox Limited Edition lineup.

Meanwhile, the Cadet is completely absent from this year’s Alox Limited Edtion. In its place we’re getting the Hunter Pro in Tiger Orange. Unlike most Victorinox products, the Hunter Pro is a straight up folding knife. It began life clad in the classic red Cellidor handle scales, but in 2018 Victorinox improved upon it with the implementation of the thinner, more attractive Alox scales and a pocket clip.

If you’re interested in grabbing one of these models, you have about 342 days left to get it; unlike most sprint runs and special editions, the Alox Limited runs aren’t kept to a piece count, but are instead produced steadily throughout the year they commemorate. All three are available now directly from Victorinox.

Knife in Featured Image: Victorinox Alox Pioneer X