Victorinox Inducts Farmer Model into X Series

Victorinox’s popular Farmer model of Swiss army knife is following in the footsteps of the Pioneer and receiving a new X configuration. As was the case with the Pioneer X, the Farmer X has a pair of scissors added into its classic toolset.

Any fan of Victorinox knows of the Farmer. While the company has released hundreds of different models with varied toolsets catering to dozens of specific needs, the Farmer falls into the category of true classics within their lineup, alongside such favorite as the Classic SD, the Pioneer, and the Tinker.

The Farmer has a 93mm chassis, which puts it into the same size class as the Pioneer. However it’s a three-layer model, and brings a well-rounded set of tools to bear: there’s the main blade of course, separate can and bottle opener arms (each of which are also equipped with a flathead driver tip), an awl/reamer, and a wood saw. As its name indicates, the Farmer is ready for outdoor work with its particular loadout, but it has become a favorite EDC for many users as well, and is just as capable indoors as out.

The Farmer X brings the one key addition of scissors to bear. These are the same style of spring-loaded scissors Victorinox incorporates into many other models, and they add a third type of cutting proficiency to the Farmer’s repertoire. Scissors provide an accurate, delicate, and maneuverable cutting power, excelling at the kind of very everyday chores for which a blade – serrated or plain edged – would not be ideal.

Other than that additional tool, it is business as usual with the Farmer X. It has the same Alox handle scales as its predecessor, and the additional tool doesn’t add much to the original Farmer’s 3 oz. weight either. Like virtually all Victorinox multifunctional knife models, the Farmer X is clipless and intended for pocket carry.

Victorinox has never followed the common annual release schedule, in the sense of releasing spates of brand new models every year. Most of what comes out of their factory are fresh colorations and limited editions. The Farmer X is the first properly new model we’ve seen since the fall of 2019, when Victorinox released the Outdoor Master fixed blade series.

The Farmer X will be available on May 25th. MSRP is set at $74.

Knife in Featured Image: Victorinox Farmer X