Titaner Latest Company to Enter Utility Knife Arena

The Kickstarted utility knife trend continues to zoom along, with the latest model coming from titanium gear manufacturer Titaner. Called the Falcon, it takes advantage of titanium’s innate properties as well as the compact length of utility blades to make a hyper lightweight knife.

The Falcon is built around a #11 X-Acto knife blade, which offers a scalpel-like cutting edge and canted, kiridashi profile. As with any X-Acto knife-style tool, medium- to hard-use tasks are probably left to other blades, but light cutting chores, particularly those requiring precision and delicacy, are what the Falcon’s blade is made for. Users even have the option of choosing between carbon and stainless steel options to suit their particular needs and environment.

In terms of blade retention, the Falcon’s blade is secured by sliding it into a hook-shaped nodule that holds it in place; the blade is removed by pulling it out of this hook in a similar manner. There is no locking mechanism present on the Falcon; instead it uses a titanium spring arm on the spine of the knife to provide a similar opening/closing feel to a slipjoint knife.

Titaner’s primary concern in the ergonomic department was to create something as lightweight as possible; the single piece handle has an origami-like, folder-over look, done a mild arcing shape. Just 3.92 inches overall when open, the Falcon weighs _ oz. It is designed to be carried loose in a pocket or on a keychain, so it doesn’t have an integrated clip.

Titaner has been in the titanium business since 2005. They produce a variety of titanium items and gadgets, including pens, cups, kitchen utensils, and whistles. The Falcon is their latest, not their first, utility knife; they have experimented with different sizes, shapes, and accepted utility blade numbers.

Utility knives have been absolute thriving on Kickstarter as of late. Recently we’ve seen Oceanus Brass come out with their nautically-inspired option, and Resolute Tools roll out the X-1. Additionally, Gerber Gear came out with a new production model, the Prybrid, that incorporated a utility blade into a multifunctional frame.

The Falcon is on Kickstarter now, and open for backing through June 21st.

Knife in Featured Image: Titaner Falcon