Gerber Continues Multitool Push with the Prybrid Series

Gerber is once again churning out fresh interpretations of multitool functionality this year. The latest series to come from the Portland, OR-based company is the Prybrid series, which consists of two keychain-style multitools built around the central concept of a utility knife.

Between the two models, the Prybid X seems to be targeted more towards the casual user or generalist. Its replaceable blade is a standard #11, the same tiny, efficient cutting edge seen on many X-Acto knives. The blade shape can be described as a particularly aggressive wharncliffe, with a straight edge that narrows out to a hyper-acute point. Very light EDC chores are possible with this kind of blade, but as with traditional X-Acto knives the real core of its abilities lies in detail work.

The blade comes ensconced in a frame with a sliding tab for deployment and retraction. Beyond the frame, comprising the back end of the Prybrid X, is a multifunctional arm that includes a bottle opener, two flathead drivers, a nail puller, wire stripper, and, of course, a pry bar. A length of 550 paracord is also included with each Prybrid X.

Alongside the X model comes the Prybrid Utility. It replaces the standard #11 blade with a beefier one similar to that seen on retractable utility knives. This should expand its cutting capabilities somewhat, while still giving it adequate performance in delicate cutting chores. Here, the frame around the blade is made from G-10, complete with a larger surface area and more texturing and grooves cut into it for ergonomic support. While the Utility model lacks the paracord component, it incorporates one additional feature: a cord cutting notch. The beefing up of the general design makes the Prybrid Utility the heavier of the two, tipping the scales at 2.9 oz. compared to the X’s 1.7.

The Prybrid models are the latest in what has been a very multitool-centric year for Gerber. Their release follows the debut of the Armbar series of folding multitools.

Both the Prybrid X and the Prybrid Utility are available now.

Featured Image: Gerber Prybid X