Real Steel Taps Ostap Hel for Entry into Kitchen Knife Market

Real Steel Knives and longtime collaborator Ostap Hel are bringing the brand into a new market with the Kitchen Series. This is a collection of three traditional culinary knives, as filtered through Hel’s particular style and RSK’s production process.

While the three knives vary in size and application, material choices are unchanging across the board. They all have simple black G-10 scales attached to full tangs made from 14C28N steel – a solid choice for working with and around various foodstuffs. Hel chose to give all three knives thicker-than-average blade stock for kitchen knives; at .12″ thick, this makes them sturdy enough to do their food prep duties in a camp as well as a kitchen. And while RSK isn’t offering any sort of knife block for storing the collection at this time, each blade comes with a flat plastic sheath, with the idea being that they can be stored in a drawer or taken on a camping trip without doing any damage to the edge.

For many users, the star of the Kitchen Series will likely be the Chef Knife. As the name explicitly states, this is meant to be the classic, large, all-purpose cutter any chef needs. With an overall length of 11.6 inches, the Chef Knife offers plenty of edge real estate for large and medium-size chores. Visually, it’s Hel’s take on the Japanese santoku; the other two knives in the series will riff on the Chef Knife’s establishing blade shape.

The mid-size option in the Kitchen Series is the Utility Knife. This model shrinks things down to a 10.4-inch overall length, and the width of its blade has been significantly narrowed; this makes it lighter by almost two ounces (5.36 oz. vs. 7.23 oz.), and much more maneuverable for finer cutting duties.

Finally, with an overall length of just 8.66 inches, the Paring Knife is the smallest in the Kitchen Series by a considerable margin. It also offers the narrowest blade and a nearly full flat grind – not surprising considering that, like any paring knife, its primary duties are fine slicing and other detail work. The Paring Knife weighs just 2.93 oz., which is less than half of the next step up in the line.

The Kitchen Series knives are expected to be available shortly.

Knife in Featured Image: Real Steel Kitchen Series