Aersopace Engineers Make Debut with Minimalist Utility Knife

Resolute Tools, a brand new California-based shop, is preparing for the first large production run of the X-1, its first knife release. The X-1 performs the functions of a classic utility knife but in a techy, high-quality chassis.

The goal for the X-1 project was simple: create a utility knife in the tradition of the ubiquitous Stanley style tool, but take advantage of modern engineering and materials to make it as lightweight and sleek as possible. The X-1 uses a standard, replaceable straight razor blade. This blade excels at precision-based cutting chores that can benefit from the application of a keen, straight edge and super pointy tip. Although obviously not meant for hard use, the blade’s replaceable nature does mean that more onerous chores can be attempted without fear of permanently destroying the cutting edge.

The blade may be a venerable and well-known quantity, but the body that keeps it secure is brand new. The team at Resolute made the handle out of titanium, but as little titanium as possible: the design is a highly skeletonized one, providing just enough framework as necessary and nothing more. It’s a single piece of titanium too, to reduce the need for screws which can add weight and points of failure into a design.

The X-1’s spine consists of a flexible titanium spring arm, which keeps an aluminum bronze alloy bracket in place within the handle itself. This bracket is what deploys the blade: by sliding it forward and back, users engage open and closed detents on the frame to secure as the blade moves out and in.

Replacing the blade is simple, too. The bronze alloy bracket can be slid forward and out of the open position detent, allowing the blade to slide out of the handle. Then users simply put another blade into place and return the bracket into the handle again. According to the Resolute design team, this toolless replacement angle was an important one for them. They also note that in their testing they have found the titanium spring will retain its tensile strength through virtually any amount of regular use.

Resolute’s unrelenting drive for minimalism pays big dividends in the weight and carry department. With the blade insert, the X-1 weighs a mere .46 oz. A slimline clip is integrated into the titanium handle for secure pocket carry as well.

Working out of San Luis Obispo, California, Resolute Tools is allowing the X-1 to mark their entry into the world of high quality tool production. They say they hope that many other project will follow.

The Resolute X-1 is seeking funding on Kickstarter now, although it has already surpassed its goal. Potential backers can join in through May 18th, 2020.

Knife in Featured Image: Resolute Tools X-1