New Bear & Son Models Play to Higher and Lower Price Points

Bear & Son Cutlery‘s 2020 catalog includes multiple new models. The Alabama-based outfit has lots on offer, including premium-style folders, fresh balisongs, a new slipjoint series.

Latest Rancor Models

The Rancor is a model that has made multiple appearances in Bear & Son’s stable over the years. Two new variations are joining the lineup this year. A primary difference between them is the blade length: one has a 3-inch blade, while the other’s measures 2.75 inches. But in fact the designs are quite different. The 3 inch Rancor’s blade is a standard drop point shape, while the 2.75-inch Rancor’s is slenderer and sports a recurve.

The handles also diverge in design. The 3-inch Rancor’s is bulkier, with harder lines and a more defined finger groove; the 2.75-inch Rancor takes a more sinuous approach, with curves instead of hard cuts. Both knives are titanium frame lock flippers, have S35VN blade steel and loop-over pocket clips, and can be had with front scales made of either carbon fiber or titanium. The 3 inch Rancor weighs 2.8 ounces, while its smaller partner weighs 1.7 oz.

Additional Balisongs

Bear & Son always places a strong emphasis on balisongs, and for 2020 they released a new model, once again available in multiple blade shapes: American-style tanto, clip point, or drop point. All three models are made with 154CM blade steel, have ball bearing pivots and spring-loaded latches, and come equipped with pocket clips.

New Slipjoint Series

Bear & Son is targeting another trend with two new modern-style slipjoint knives. Once again the primary distinguishing factor between the two is their size. The larger 2.38-inch model and a smaller, clipless version with a 1.5 inch blade. Both knives are firmly in the budget category, with drop point blades made from a simple, unnamed stainless steel.

Neither knife is locking, of course, and both have the same rectangular handle; however, the 2.38 inch version has a stubby pocket clip while the smaller knife does not; both knives have a lanyard loop backspacer.

A revision of an old design from the 80s and 90s is also en route: the Executive 79. The original Executives were two-bladed affairs, but these new ones have a single drop point blade that’s 2.25 inches long, also made from simple stainless. The Executive 79 is clipless, weighs 2.2 oz., and comes with either smooth bone or cocobolo wood covers.

Knife in Featured Image: Bear & Son 110OR