GiantMouse Fixed Blade Returns with Key Upgrades

GiantMouse has just released the GMF2-FF fixed blade. The FF is a revision of GiantMouse’s GMF2 model that sports some performance-oriented changes to its blade.

The GMF2 debuted in 2017 alongside the GM2 folder, back-to-back releases right at the beginning of the year that helped establish GiantMouse in the minds of knife users. Designers Jens Ansø and Jesper Voxnaes envisioned the GMF2 as a hardworking fixed blade, and sought to channel the no-nonsense shapes and intent of traditional Nordic knives while imbuing it with modern style and materials. The result was a knife that felt new and trendy but that excelled at outdoors-style chores almost as old as cutting tools themselves. The FF makes no changes to the overall dimensions or profile of the GMF2 and so it should fit right into the same role as its predecessor.

Both of the major changes to the FF can be found in the blade. As a savvy knife nerd has probably gleaned from the knife’s designation, one of the changes pertains to the grind: the original GMF2 had a sabre grind, but GiantMouse changed it to a full flat one here. Blade geometry and grind majorly impact the cutting performance of a knife; the FF’s grind should give it a leg up in slicing and cutting chores, allowing it to move through material easier; these traits do come at the expense of a little toughness compared to a sabre grind, however.

The other big change is the blade steel. The GMF2 debuted with N690Co, a well-liked all-arounder, but not in the same class of performance as modern super steels. GiantMouse is making the FF from M390, a powder metallurgy steel that they’ve used on other recent releases like the GM6. It should be a more or less straight upgrade across all performance criteria over N690Co.

A tweak has been made to the sheath as well. instead of a standard belt loop, Ansø and Voxnaes designed the FF’s sheath with a dangler-style loop – another nod to its Nordic roots. Perhaps due to the change in its grind, the FF weighs less than the GMF2, coming in at 3.88 oz. compared to 4.1.

The GMF2-FF is available now. The improved steel nudged the price up just tad, with MSRP set at $185 – about $25 more than the GMF2 when it was available. GiantMouse says they have no plans to limit the production of this knife currently.

Knife in Featured Image: GiantMouse GMF2-FF