Poltergeist Works Returns to Real Steel with Phasma Folder

Jakub Wieczorkiewicz of Poltergeist Works is back, working with Real Steel Knives once again. This time they’re bringing out the Phasma, an EDC folder that seems to be descended from the Luna, a previous Wieczorkiewicz-designed release.

The Luna released released under RSK’s label last year and was the first slipjoint in the company’s lineup. The Phasma takes the Luna’s robust, multivalent drop point blade and tweaks it just a bit: here, it’s wider and significantly longer, measuring 3.3 inches compared to the Luna’s 2.76 inches. RSK made the Phasma’s blade out of D2 steel, a hard-working semi-stainless that should be familiar to anybody who has purchased a budget-oriented knife in the last year or so.

In another direct nod to the Luna, RSK will be offering the Phasma two ways. Users can grab a version that opens with a thumb stud, or one with a groove cut into the blade for two-hand opening. This second option, dubbed the Phasma Free, echoes the way the Luna arrived, and does have an increased remit in terms of legality. The Phasma Free is, however, still a locking knife, utilizing the same stainless steel frame lock as the thumb stud model.

Wieczorkiewicz’s handle design here maintains the Luna’s general linearity, but with somewhat softened line; there are more curves here. He also brought a signature element of his custom work forward in the form of the two oversized pieces of handle hardware. While the Luna’s handle was made from titanium, RSK and Wieczorkiewicz settled on stainless steel for the Phasma – albeit steel RSK says has been internally lightened as much as possible. The Phasma ultimately ends up tipping the scale at 4.66 oz. and comes with a loop-over pocket clip.

This is one of the first major releases of 2020 for RSK. In January they kicked off the new year with the Ivan Braginets-designed Rokot, but have been keeping things relatively low profile since then. In addition to the Phasma, RSK has also been lightly teasing a new line of culinary knives from designer Ostap Hel.

The Phasma is slated to be available by the end of the week.

Knife in Featured Image: Real Steel Phasma