Poltergeist Works Crafts Tiny Convex Fixed Blade for Real Steel

Jakub Wieczorkiewicz of Poltergeist Works has come out with a fresh design in his ongoing collaboration with Real Steel Knives. While he has recently been exploring the folder realm, the new CVX-80 is a fixed blade that seeks to bring a high performance convex grind into a smaller size class.

In the CVX-80, Wieczorkiewicz blended traditional bushcraft knife characteristics with his sleek-but-industrial style. The blade shape is a riff on the full-bellied, pointy-tipped drop point we often see on bushcraft style blades, not least of which Real Steel’s own best-selling Bushcraft model. But in moving down into a 3.03-inch blade, the proportions have been necessarily altered, with less straight edge and no saber style component to the grind. The CVX-80 has a full-flat grind and, of course, sports a convex edge.

Even with the reduction in size, the CVX-80 stands ready to complete lots of the same cutting chores as its bigger bushcrafting brethren. RSK itself advertises it for both outdoors and survival purposes. The convex edge makes working with wood a cinch, and the flat grind lets the blade move through material with minimal friction. The blade stock is .14″, which is fairly thick for a knife of this size, imbuing the CVX-80 with a necessary ruggedness for the treks in the great outdoors. RSK is making the CVX-80’s blade from N690Co, a well-rounded stainless that should turn in rock steady performance in most any conditions.

The ergonomic design is where Wieczorkiewicz’s technical style comes most clearly to the fore. Rather than a standard, linear, rounded bushcraft knife handle, he created a humpbacked shape, with a mid-sized guard and G-10 scales with a comet-shaped chamfer cut across them to locate the index finger in use. The CVX-80 is full tang and comes with either green or black G-10 scales; the scales are held in place by the same oversized hardware that Wieczorkiewicz implements on many of his designs as a kind of visual signature.

Things have been kept simple for the sheath: it’s a by-the-book Kydex number, designed to work without fuss. The CVX-80 attempts to mix durability with easy of carry; it weighs 4.7 oz.

The CVX-80 is set to release soon. No price has been given at this time.

Knife in Featured Image: Real Steel Knives CVX-80