Mora Kicks off 2021 with Commemorative 2000 Model

2021 marks Mora‘s 130th year in the knife making business. It’s also the 30th anniversary for one of their most representative classics, the Mora 2000. Thus the company is celebrating with a special edition of this old favorite.

Despite the name, the Mora 2000 actually debuted in the early 90s. It originally came about as a response to a moose hunter’s desire for a true all-purpose outdoor fixed blade. “A knife that could perform in a hunter’s environment as well as cutting loaf, spreading butter and slicing sausages during the lunch break,” as the company’s press release puts it. So across the board the proportions and materials had to aim for that “just right” zone.

The 2000’s stainless blade runs to 4.29 inches in length, making it larger than a backup fixed blade but smaller than the true outdoors monsters. This in-between length works in tandem with the capable drop point profile and scandi edge to both expand and maximize its cutting potential. So far, so Mora, but the 2000 also featured a dual grind; users get a thicker edge towards the hilt which favors durability, while a thinner grind towards the tip prioritizes slicing prowess.

All of this adds up to a rugged, functional, reliable tool for a hunter or any other outdoorsperson. But despite its original intended audience, the Mora 2000 may be most famous as one of the knives commonly issued to soldiers in the Swedish army. It isn’t the only one, but in the press release Mora did confirm that the standard green-handled model continues to be purchased for Sweden’s armed forces. “Not only because it is a highly-functional and reliable tool, it also matches the Swedish soldiers camouflage and is Swedish made,” they write.

The Anniversary Edition doesn’t make any wild changes to this venerable fixed blade design. The handle and sheath are black instead of green, the dates 1891 – 2021 are engraved on the blade, and, for the first production run (consisting of 130 pieces), each blade is individually numbered.

These numbered models are available now through Mora’s official website.

Knife in Featured Image: Mora 2000 Anniversary Edition