Böker Plus Expands with New Spain Series of Outdoors Knives

Böker is creating a new series for its Plus line of knives, called Böker Spain. The initial offering includes two outdoors-focused fixed blades and a folder. All three are outfitted with different materials from other offerings in the Böker Plus stable.

Obviously geared towards outdoors use, the first two Böker Plus Spain fixed blades are made from MoVa steel, a relatively simple stainless known mostly for its impressive rust resistance. The Bushcraft comes with a Scandi grind and a narrow, scalloped handle, while the Generalist has a broader, flat ground blade and a simpler handle design. Both knives have mid-size cutting edge lengths: 4.2 inches for the Bushcraft and 4.3 inches for the Generalist. Full tang construction remains the same on each, as do the granulated blue/white/black Micarta scales, which appear to be a visual throughline on these first Böker Spain product. For retention, the Generalist comes with a fittingly all-purpose nylon sheath. In keeping with its Scandinavian work knife vibe the Bushcraft comes with a leather sheath that can be adorned with an optional firestarter.

The third entry into the Böker Plus Spain series is the Bushcraft Folder. A large, two-hand opening outdoors knife along the lines of classics like the Buck 110, the Bushcraft Folder sports a more specialized Scandi grind and is carried in a nylon belt sheath. A traditional lockback and Micarta scales identical to those on the fixed blades complete its somewhat traditional look. However, the blade steel is a bit of a switch up; instead of MoVa Böker implemented 12C27, the same Sandvik steel seen on other economical outdoors tools like the Mora Eldris. Interestingly, the Bushcraft folder comes in at the heaviest of the three releases, weighing in with a substantial 6.7 oz – slightly weighter than the (also Scandi ground) Bushcraft fixed blade, but about an ounce heavier than the Generalist.

Like Spyderco, Böker takes an international approach to knife production. Its products are made in numerous locales including the USA, Italy, China, and, of course, Solingen, Germany. The Plus line has often served as a repository for the company’s budget-friendly offerings.  The Spain series will fall into the upper echelon of Plus products. MSRP for the Bushcraft Fixed Blade is $120, while the Generalist’s is set at $125. The Bushcraft Folder’s MSRP is $100.

Knife featured in image: Böker Plus Spain Bushcraft Spain

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