Latest Civivi Knives Showcase New Materials and Price Point

Civivi, the budget-focused WE Knife Co. subsidiary, is preparing two new folders for release. The Aquila and Courser are both mid-sized EDC blades, and feature a bump up in blade steel compared to the first batch of Civivi products.

“The Aquilla is especially meant to be a daily tool for common cutting tasks,” says Henk Hakvoort, WE’s European representative. Visually, it looks falls in line with previous WE release the 803 Rectifier, albeit with a scaled up size. The Aquila’s blade length measures 3.45 inches and it uses a liner lock instead of a titanium frame lock. Hakvoort notes that the unadorned design makes the Aquila a capable, reliable companion. “Because of the design of the handle the ergos are great in all kinds of grips,” he says “The blade itself is suitable for all kinds of cutting tasks and will slice excellently because of the slightly curved blade.”

Civivi Aquila

Civivi Aquila

Civivi tapped into the trend of slender EDC knives when producing the Courser. “[It] is just for people who prefer to carry a cutting tool with a slim silhouette but full-sized length,” Hakvoort says. Although its overall proportions are quite different, the Courser hits a similar size category as the Aquila, with an identical 3.45-inch blade length and G-10 over steel liner lock construction. It too is a flipper knife, but forgoes the secondary opening hole option seen on the Aquila to accentuate its slim profile.

Although Civivi remains the budget-focused arm of WE, the Courser and Aquila demonstrate that there will be some material variation within the brand. Both new releases benefit from an upgrade to VG-10 steel (compared to 9Cr18MoV on the first three Civivi releases), and sculpted titanium clips over stamped steel ones. “Civivi wants to offer a wide range of tools with the right choice for everyone,” Hakvoort explains. “So different materials are also part of this philosophy. Some buyers still have the perception that 9CR18MOV is not as good as D2 or VG10 for example. So for those we also want to offer these kinds of blade steels.”

He further reveals that the Civivi roadmap will expand to include fixed blades, folders, and other sorts of products as well. “Other EDC tools will also be developed. Civivi wants to offer a wide range of usable and affordable EDC tools, of high build quality with materials which will be durable and lasting.”

The Courser and Aquila will be available soon. MSRP for both is set at $80.

Knife featured in image: Civivi Courser

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