Elite Outfitting Solutions Goes Big on Balisongs

Prolific knife designer Kyle Chumchal is putting the finishing touches on a new balisong to be released through Elite Outfitting Solutions. Tentatively named the Serpent, the new bali aims to blend high-end materials and high-quality flipping performance.

“We designed this balisong around the balisong flippers and manipulators,” Chumchal tells us. “They make up the majority of the balisong community.” To that end the Serpent is has a large, 4.15-inch blade, titanium handles, and a balance point just past the zen pins. Chumchal tapped into the balisong community to get important feedback from the experts. “I reached out to several the more well known guys and kind of worked with them, taking some of their ideas, listening to their feedback, and just making sure I was doing it right.”

Although as a flipper-oriented balisong the Serpent isn’t primarily intended for hard use, Chumchal and EOS didn’t skimp on the performance-centric attributes. Blade steel is CTS-XHP and the pivot mechanism uses a bushing system instead of bearings. “[The Serpent] is highly corrosion resistant and can take a beating,” Chumchal says. “So even though we didn’t primarily focus on what this knife would be cutting, it will still be an excellent cutting tool and will hold up to whatever task you might need it for.”

We’ve seen a bunch of different folder and fixed blade renderings from Chumchal, but he’s taken a major interest in balisong design. A shot of four different bali ideas ended up becoming his most liked Instagram post of all time. Chumchal says balisong design works similarly to drawing up other kinds of knives, with a few added restrictions. “Designing it for flipping can kind of restrict you a bit because it’s got to be a certain weight, the balance point has to be in a certain spot, and there’s only so much you can actually change on the handles to make them look unique while retaining that traditional balisong look and feel.”

But now that EOS has gotten the ball rolling, Chumchal says that we can expect more balisong designs from the Goshen, NY-based manufacturer in the future. “I have done about 10-15 different balisong designs so far since the first one.” A second balisong will be in prototype stage or possibly ready for sale by next summer. “I also have some other folders in the works as well!” Chumchal adds.

The Serpent will be available later this year. The first batch will go to PVK Vegas, and comes in four different configurations. Prices range from $245 for a completely stonewashed version to $285 for the DLC-coated model.

Knife featured in image: EOS Serpent

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