Real Steel Drops New Fixed Blade and Upgrades Metamorph

Real Steel Knives is prepping two new releases for the fall. Frequent collaborator Jakub Wieczorkiewicz of Poltergeist Works has conjured up the Sorrow, a new fixed blade, and last year’s popular Metamorph front flipper is joining RSK’s high-end S-Series lineup with a significant upgrade.

The Sorrow is the third Poltergeist Works fixed blade, and falls on the larger side of the scale. Its broadly swept drop point blade extends to just over 5 inches in length and is made from stonewashed D2 tool steel. The blade meets up with a humpbacked handle that’s been designed to keep the hand locked in place, with small runs of jimping on both sides of the handle and a deep forward finger groove.

Over the last couple of years Poltergeist Works has played an important part in RSK’s game plan. The company’s Jamie McKenna says that the partnership not only makes Wieczorkiewicz’s designs more widely available, but also strengthens and diversifies the internal RSK catalog. He goes on to tell us that the collaborations will continue to flow in and diversify. “What we like about Jakub is his strong attention to theme. Unlike other designers, Jakub’s design theme and direction is consistent throughout all of his designs and this is representative of his brand.”

S5 Metamorph
Ostap Hel’s G5 front flipper released last fall and has been a decisive success for RSK. Last year they promised an upgraded version and now they’ve delivered. The new version carries forward the streamlined, technical look of the original, dressed up with new materials: S35VN blade steel and a titanium frame. Some small tweaks to the backspacer have been made as well. The switch to the stronger metal also means a transition from liner to frame lock. And as promised last year, the S5 will be available in both a front flipper format like the G5, as well as a standard spine-oriented flipper. For those who are on the hunt for more designs from Hel, McKenna says there’s plenty to look forward to – including some entries in new product categories. “We will be deeping the diversity of designs that Ostap offers and maybe some will end up in your kitchen…but that is another story.”

S5 Metamorph

S5 Metamorph

2018 also marked the year that RSK leaned into OEM work. “What many in the business might forget is that Realsteel is a manufacturer,” McKenna explains. “This year however has opened up the opportunity of further collaboration with others.” He goes on to say that the different work has provided an opportunity to learn more about knife making and forge additional connections as RSK continues to establish itself as a go-to brand on both consumer and commercial sides of the industry. “It has allowed us the chance to stretch our legs, break out of our fixed working boundaries and collaborate with others in the business who have different ideas yet don’t have the capacity to put these ideas onto the production line.”

Knife featured in image: Real Steel Sorrow

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