Boker Plus Operation Unites Utility Knife and Modern EDC

Knife designer Keanu Alfaro has partnered with Boker once again, this time for something a bit unusual. The Bill N Ted Operation is a small knife built around the idea of bridging the gap between everyday carry and utility knives, blending the two in one package.

There’s an obvious nod to a famous actor (with whom Alfaro shares a first name) in this knife’s full moniker, but from here on out we’re going to refer to it as the Operation. At its core, the Operation is a compact everyday carry, with its main blade being a 2.9-inch, flat ground drop point that takes to daily cutting chores like a fish to water. The blade steel, as it so often is in the Boker Plus lineup these days, is D2 semi-stainless, which, after gaining traction with custom makers in the 70s and 80s, now enjoys a second life as the default steel for budget-focused blades from all sorts of manufacturers.

The back scale is all G-10

But that’s only one of two blades on the Operation. The other end of the knife houses a utility razor – the same replaceable, single edge razor seen on the classic utility knife (or Stanley, as its sometimes called). As the knife world has grown, we’ve seen manufacturers return to the utility knife concept a handful of times over the years, to bring them up to enthusiast level – the James Brand Palmer is a recent example – and now Alfaro and Boker are joining the fray.

The main blade flips open with a thumb stud and locks with a liner lock. But there’s a secondary mechanism in the stainless steel portion of the Operation’s two-part showside scale (the other part being made from black G-10). A slide toggle pushes the razor out, and pulls it back in to secure it. The off-side scale is all G-10, and houses the deep carry pocket clip – which, given the razor housing on the front side, is not reversible.

According to Boker’s German website, the Bill N Ted Operation is slated for release in September.

Knife in Featured Image: Boker Plus Bill N Ted Operation

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