Vosteed Corgi is a Cute, Symmetrical EDC Knife, Equipped with the Trek Lock

The next knife release from Vosteed Cutlery will be the Corgi, a knife with a cute name and many interesting features. The Corgi is as symmetrical as possible for a folding knife and comes equipped with Vosteed’s proprietary Trek Lock mechanism.

Although a relatively young company, Vosteed was founded by Yue Dong, a knife enthusiast and industry vet who worked as a designer for Kizer before opening the doors on his own shop. He put that experience to good work, turning out a series of knives for Vosteed that are visually very distinct from one another – knives like the Nightshade, influenced by the Shilin Cutter, to the Valkyrie, an angular, seax-inspired flipper that was the debut platform for the Trek Lock. So it’s impressive, but not surprising, that the Corgi looks nothing like any of its Vosteed siblings.

An up close look at the Trek Lock

This EDC knife’s spear point blade measures 2.99 inches. Other than a slight swedge and the obvious edge grinds, it’s nearly symmetrical. Visual stuff aside, the length and 14C28N steel will make the Corgi a pretty handy slicer. The pivot is designed so that, when closed, the Corgi blade disappears entirely into the handle; a pair of identical, squared-off, inline flipper tabs provide the dual deployment option here: front flip it, or back flip it.

The handle carries the theme of symmetry forward. It’s an oblong lozenge shape with rounded corners, that would look identical from either side without the hardware elements. What primarily distinguishes the show side from the off-side is the presence of the Trek Lock on the former. As mentioned above, the Trek Lock first appeared on the Valkyrie in 2022; designed to appeal to fidget factor fiends, it works like many other button lock-style knives. The 3.49 oz. knife comes with a non-reversible pocket clip that is loop over, but not quite deep carry.

The Corgi is set to arrive on the Vosteed website soon.

Knife in Featured Image: Vosteed Cutlery Corgi

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