Vosteed Valkyrie is Valhalla for Fans of Fidget Factor

Vosteed’s new EDC release, the Valkyrie, aims to be an EDC knife fit for Valhalla. The fresh design comes with two different blade shape options, a patent pending lock, and three methods of deployment.

In terms of general specs, the Vosteed Valkyrie, like the company’s previous releases, looks destined for an everyday carry role in most users’ lineup. The blade length (with either blade shape) is 3.26 inches, a near-ideal length for expanded EDC: deft with the small tasks, small enough for bigger ones. 154CM steel gives the knife adequate stain resistance, good longevity, and fuss-free maintenance whether you’re doing a minor touchup or a full resharpening.

The wharnie version of the Valkyrie

Vosteed is a young company. It was founded by Yue Dong, AKA Doctor_EDC, who many of us in the online knife community knew before Vosteed as a designer at Kizer and fellow knife enthusiast. Dong outfitted the Valkyrie with enough deployment options to satisfy even the most fidget-happy amongst us; it comes with a thumb stud, standard flipper, and front flipper, so if you’ve got restless fingers you can go nuts here.

The fidget friendliness is aided and abetted by the Trek Lock, a button lock-style mechanism that is a patent pending Vosteed original. It works like the standard button lock too, with disengagement achieved simply by pressing down on the plunger. The Trek Lock is nestled into a handle that has full stainless steel liners capped by G-10 scales; in total it weighs a 3.39 oz.

This is the first knife from Vosteed to offer buyers a choice between two blade shapes. There’s a sheepsfoot flavor, which looks friendly but works hard, modified just enough to have some belly for bolstered slicing capability. As they did with their first folder, the Nightshade, Vosteed turned to knife/sword history for inspiration on profile number two and came up with a seax blade shape. The seax is a traditional sword of several Germanic peoples; modified for everyday carry, it has a bit of belly for slicing and lots of additional piercing power thanks to its elongated point.

The Valkyrie is available now, directly from Vosteed.

Knife in Featured Image: Vosteed Valkyrie

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