Vosteed Cutlery Enters Modern Folder Market

After giving us a taste of what they’re capable of with the Morgan and other kitchen knives, Vosteed Cutlery is bringing out a pair of modern locking EDC folders, the Nightshade and the Bellamy.

Both of these knives are designed by Yue Dong, AKA Doctor EDC, one of the co-founders of Vosteed and a Kizer Cutlery collaborator. In fact, the Doctor tells us that another Kizer crew member, Azo Mai, helped him work out some of the geometries on the Bellamy.


If you’re good with your international knife history, you might recognize one of Nightshade’s primary inspirations. It is based, in part, off the Shilin Cutter, a traditional Taiwanese slipjoint, and one whose original makers, the Kuo family of Taipei, are sadly likely to abandon the craft for economic and market reasons.

The Nightshade emulates the Shilin Cutter’s unmistakable leaf-style blade shape, implemented here in an EDC-capable 3.26-inch blade length. Opened with a flipper, the blade is full flat ground and made from M390 steel; this isn’t a kitchen knife, but it’s clear that the Nightshade has been optimized for slicing in a general sense, whether its foodstuffs, wood, cardboard, or plastic. The liner lock Nightshade has Micarta scales, either a copper or brass bolster, and weighs 4.16 oz. It clips to the pocket with a right hand-only titanium pocket clip.


In contrast to the curvy Nightshade, the Bellamy is much slimmer, with an unbowed handle and an elongated clip blade. Measuring 3.44 inches, the blade can handle the hunting tasks Doctor EDC envisioned for it, but it can serve equally well indoors as an EDC – particularly given its relatively light weight of 3 oz.

The bolsterless Bellamy handle is utilitarian in its aesthetic, but does offer two choices for scale material: black carbon fiber or textured olive drab Micarta. In either configuration it is a liner lock flipper, with a reversible deep carry pocket clip made from titanium.

Both the Nightshade and the Bellamy will be here soon: according to Vosteed, they’ll be shipping next month. The last time we talked to Vosteed it was about the Kickstarter for their Morgan kitchen knife; unfortunately the campaign was unsuccessful, but the knife still arrived and is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Vosteed Nightshade