Latest Voxnaes F5.5 Comes Clad in Black Micarta

Urban EDC Supply is getting ready to drop the latest version of their flagship Jesper Voxnaes’s F5.5 folder today, and it’s the first time the tank-like EDC can be had with black denim Micarta scales.

The F5.5 is a slightly shrunk down production version of Voxnaes’s F5 custom. The F5 originates in the design of historical sailor’s knives – a traditional format that has been a longtime muse for Voxnaes and the inspiration behind another popular production collaboration, the CRKT Pilar. Like the Pilar, the F5.5’s blade shape is the modified sheepsfoot that is one of Voxnaes’s calling cards; on this knife it measures 2.7 inches, which is a blade length that allows the knife to fall comfortably into an EDC role, even for those of us with less nautical needs.

One quirky element on the F5.5 is the blade stock, which Urban EDC lists as .15″ – thick stock for a knife of this size. The blade stock hearkens to the F5.5’s rugged seafaring inspirations, and gives it a robustness that allows for flexes into more demanding everyday or outdoor chores. Opened only with a thumb cutout, the F5.5’s blade is made once again from M390 steel. In early 2022 it’s arguable that M390 is the most commonly-used super steel on high-end production knives, and that’s no bad thing: it gives users formidable stain resistance and upper-tier edge retention while still being relatively straightforward to sharpen.

Voxnaes’s blade shapes are instantly recognizable, but so are his handles. Like the blade, the F5.5’s ergonomics emphasize rugged simplicity; there’s nothing fancier than a finger groove implemented here. The big selling point on today’s drop are the black Micarta scales, which not only fit with the F5.5’s refined but also rough-and-tumble aesthetic, but give a little boost to grip in hand. Last but not least, they make this F5.5 more affordable than other recent versions, with a price tag of $229.

The Micarta F5.5 is dropping today at 12pm Pacific/3PM EST. There are no plans for a second run at this point so, as usual, if you’re interested time is of the essence.

Knife in Featured Image: Urban EDC Supply Voxnaes F5.5