MKM Brings Star-Studded Lineup for 2022

The Maniago, Italy knifemaking supergroup MKM is going all out this year, with a fleet of fresh fixed blades and folders from some famous friends. The collaborations include brand new models, line expansions, and even a limited edition re-release.

Hero by Tommaso Rumici

One of the superstars of the Italian knife scene, Rumici has collaborated with many of the big Maniago names, but this is his first collab with MKM. The Hero mixes working knife specs with classical good looks: you’ve got a 3.46-inch drop point M390 blade, opened with thumb studs and secured with a back lock; all versions have a textured titanium bolster, but the scale beneath can be come in several different materials, including Micarta and walnut wood.

Timavo by Jesper Voxnaes

Jesper Voxnaes contributed two new models to MKM this year, a folder and a fixed blade. The Timavo is the folder, an EDCable flippwe with a slim 2.68 drop point blade, ball bearing pivot, and a liner lock. The two flavors for the 3D-machined scales are black or natural canvas Micarta.

Makro by Jesper Voxnaes

The Makro is the scaled up sequel to the Mikro, a dimunitive Voxnaes fixed blade design that came out in the winter of 2020. The Makro is bigger, but it’s still a smallish knife, with a 2.68-inch edge length. As with the Mikro, there are two blade shapes to choose from: drop point or modified wharncliffe.

Maximo by Bob Terzuola

We’re loving this recent blitz of Terzuola production designs, the latest of which is the Maximo frame lock flipper. The bulbous, swedge’d drop point measures 3.23 inches – a nice, all-purpose blade length. M390 is once again the steel on offer here, and there are six different choices when it comes to the front scale material.

Goccia Limited Edition by Jens Ansø

Jens Ansø grows his MKM Goccia line with this special edition. The 3.3-inch blade is made from Rose pattern Damasteel, and the titanium scales have a complimentary swirling pattern carved into them down to about bolster length.

Flame Light by Michael Zieba

Like the special edition Goccia, the Flame Light is a new version of an existing model, in this case the Michael Zieba-designed Flame flipper. However, instead of a deluxe renovation, the liner lock Flame Light cuts the weight of the design down to 1.94 oz. – that’s more than half an ounce compared to the full ti models, and about a tenth of an ounce lighter than the synthetic/Ti combo versions.

Knife in Featured Image: MKM Hero