Jesper Voxnaes Crafts New Fixed Blade Series for MKM

MKM, the consortium/supergroup formed between four of Maniago Italy’s biggest knife companies (LionSteel, Fox, Viper, and Mercury), has a new, Jesper Voxnaes-designed fixed blade inbound. Called the Mikro, it comes in two different flavors, both specced for EDC.

In either of its two configurations, the Mikro lives up (down?) to its name. It has a blade length of just 1.97 inches, putting it squarely in the EDC fixed blade category: opening boxes, slicing up an apple, maybe even idle whittling or small outdoors chores. You have a choice between two different blade shapes: the Mikro 1 features a drop point, while the Mikro 2 comes with a modified wharncliffe. Both shapes are made from M390 steel, and have broad, flat grinds – one of the elements that clearly marks them out as Voxnaes designs.

A massive finger groove dominates the Mikro’s handle profile. It keeps the finger from moving forward onto the cutting edge, of course, but also locks the hand in place for security during more demanding work. Beyond the finger groove, a small curved portion rounds out the profile. The full tang frame can be had without any scales at all, but most users will probably opt for the versions with contoured G-10, carbob fiber, or Micarta scales; these scales are attached with a single, centrally-located screw, offset with an anodized pivot color; a characteristic bit of MKM bling.

While the Mikro’s proportions make it ideally suited for neck knife-style carry, the included leather sheath comes with a feature that gives users another option. A leather strip loops over the knife and attaches magnetically to the outside of the sheath, keeping the knife safely retained upside down. But that magnetic strip can also connect the other way, looping over the edge of a pocket of a pants pocket and attaching from the outside; this has a pocket clip sort of feel, if you want to carry the Mikro in a style more like that of a modern folder.

The Mikro is available now from European dealers.

Knife in Featured Image: MKM Mikro 1