Terrain 365 Offers Cobalt Alloy on New Dog Tag-Style Folder

Terrain 365 has one last treat in store for us this year: the new DKT-AT folder. This latest release is a dog tag-style knife that offers the company’s Terravantium alloy in its smallest, most affordable package yet.

Being in the dog tag knife genre, the DKT-AT is really positioned as a backup knife or a very light duty EDC; its 1.19-inch, snub-nose drop point blade provides just enough cutting edge to get the job done, in as small a package as possible. Even in this truncated format, Terrain 365 chose to make a locking knife, outfitting the DKT-AT with a full-on titanium frame lock. “The DTK-AT is intended as a backup should you ever lose your primary and gives the EDCer that little extra peace of mind,” the company says.

It doesn’t come with a clip, but the DKT-AT’s slim dimensions and dainty footprint impart much flexibility in the carry department. “It can be put into any pocket, worn around the neck and well suited for pocket survival kits/tins,” Terrain 365 states. The ergonomics themselves are dead simple, and the entire handle, down to the hardware, is made from non-ferrous materials (as are all Terrain 365 knives with the “AT” designation).

For many, the main draw here will be the presence of Terravantium as the blade material. Terrain 365’s dendritic cobalt alloy has, until now, been available only on knives with blades in excess of 2 inches; moreover, the previous title holder for smallest Terravantium knife in the lineup, the Mini-Butterfly, was a balisong and thus more niche than the average folder.

There’s another, intangible advantage to the DKT-AT’s size: it comes with a correspondingly lower price tag. While it is still a three-figure product made to the same standards as other Terrain 365 knives, its sub-$200 price means that this is, currently, the most affordable way for metallurgy nerds to try out Terravanium for themselves.

The DKT-AT is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Terrain 365 DKT-AT