GiantMouse Riv Becomes Smallest Folder in ACE Line

The Riv is GiantMouse’s latest addition to their growing ACE series. GiantMouse co-designers Jesper Voxnaes and Jens Ansø have created a new EDC knife with the smallest proportions yet in the GiantMouse catalog.

The closest analogue to the Riv in the GiantMouse corral is the Biblio, the knife that kicked off the entire ACE series; in terms of the larger knife world, there’s definitely a family resemblance to Voxnaes’s most famous CRKT design, the Pilar, as well.

But the Riv isn’t merely a shrunk-down version of the Biblio, or a translation of the Pilar model into the GiantMouse line. Changes are evident throughout, starting with a blade that blends elements of wharncliffe and a cleaver, with just enough belly to make slicing tasks easier. A blade length of 2.44 inches puts the Riv firmly in the EDC realm, but the company notes it can also work as a backup knife for outdoors activities, supplementing a primary fixed blade carry. The steel is ELMAX, a high-end super steel from Bohler-Uddeholm and recurring character in the GiantMouse lineup; for opening methods users can choose between a flipper tab or the thumb hole on the blade itself.

Ansø and Voxnaes gave their compact folder a handle big enough to support a full four-finger grip, with a groove located below the guard for indexing and security purposes. As we saw on the Biblio and Pilar, a forward choil just behind the edge can serve as a choke-up point, aiding in cutting control. The Riv is debuting in a trio of handle materials: Micarta, titanium, or brass. These material choices apply only to the show side scale; all three versions come with a titanium frame lock off side (complete with the now-standard steel lock interface).

Weight varies from model to model, as you would expect. “Heaviest” is a relative term here, but the brass Riv is the stoutest at 3.4 oz.; the full Ti model is the middle ground at 2.8 oz.; and the Micarta version takes the lightweight crown at just 2.4 oz. All three Rivs carry with the same wire, loop-over pocket clip.

The Riv is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: GiantMouse Brass Riv