Ontario Knife Company Focuses on Fixed Blades for 2022

Ontario Knife Company is not known for massive new product catalogs, but this year they’ve revealed a hefty batch of models lined up for release in 2022. We’ve already covered two of the 12 knives, the Old Hickory Folder and Ti22 Equinox, in previous stories; here are the other ten.


The RAT series of fixed blades needs no introduction; the new RAT-6 falls right in between RATs -5 and -7 in terms of blade length. Its 5.5-inch drop point blade has a generous choil, simplifying sharpening and facilitating forward grips for choking up. The blade steel is S35VN, and the scales are a light tan Micarta.

RAT-3 Gobar and Utility

Elsewhere in the RAT line, the existing RAT-3 is getting two sets of variations, each with specialized blade shapes. The Gobar model has a straight edge, chisel-style blade shape, while the Utility retains the chisel shape but gives the edge a bellied-out, curving geometry. Both have the same blade length of 3.5 inches and carbon blade steel.

RAT-3 Skinner and Caper

These two RAT-3 models target hunters’ need. The Skinner model does take advantage of a similar chisel-esque blade shape as the Utility, although the belly here is even more exaggerated, and longer at 3.75 inches. Meanwhile, the Caper is the smallest of the bunch, with a narrow drop point measuring 3 inches even. These two models come with leather sheaths instead of nylon ones like the Gobar and Utility.

Old Hickory Outdoor Machete

Other than the aforementioned Folder, this machete is the only other 2022 addition to the Old Hickory lineup. It falls very much in line with the series’ usual parameters, resulting in a no-frills, affordable outdoors blade. The blade length is 9 inches, and the steel 1075.

Blackbird S35VN

The standard OKC Blackbird ML5 came with 420 stainless; this 2022 variant gets a big upgraade in the metallurgy department, with the drop point blade now made from S35VN. The multicolored Micarta scales have been replaced with workmanlike black ones instead; other than these changes the knife design itself remains the same.

Camp Plus Folders

Three folders have been added to OKC’s Camp Plus line, all with 4.25-inch blades designed for outdoors food prep. The Bread Knife comes with a fully serrated sheepsfoot blade, while the Chef is an obvious analogue to Western chef knives; the Santoku, of course, emulates one of the Chef Knife’s Eastern counterparts. All three knives are made from stainless steel and have lock backs.

Knife in Featured Image: Ontario Knife Company RAT-6