Boker SamoSaur Uses Unique Slipjoint Element to Work Hard

French maker Raphael Durand has a new production collaboration inbound this year, courtesy of Boker. The SamoSaur is a mid-size modern slipjoint that echoes some of the lines Durand has been playing with in his custom work recently.

Durand’s approach to slipjoint design has always been informed by both traditional and modern conceits. Look, for instance, at the blade on the SamoSaur, a bold, sweeping clip blade that has an obvious classical heritage, but crowned with a harpoon swedge that feels much more current than historical. At 3.43 inches in length, this is a non-locking knife that can accomplish some serious work – further aided by the presence of D2 steel, which Boker has adopted wholesale for its budget-focused Plus lineup. There’s a blackwash finish in place, not only complimenting the subdued color scheme of the SamoSaur in general, but pulling double duty as a rust resistor for that semi-stainless blade.

There’s no clip on the SamoSaur, but it does come with a nylon carry pouch

One mechanical feature of note here is the slipjoint element itself. It’s called the cran forcé, a special design by Durand and Samuel Lurquin, a Belgian knife maker. The concept is that the backspring portion maintains a constant pressure on the blade so that, while not actually locking, it should feel more rigid than the standard slippie, which feeds directly into its burly mid-size silhouette; this looks like a slipjoint that can work, and work hard.

The handle profile is timeless, the arcing shape that has been present in cutlery for hundreds of years. But the sculpting on the G-10 scales gives the SamoSaur a distinctly modern flavor, as well as providing the traction necessary for working with the knife. The 3.28 oz. SamoSaur is clipless, but it does come with a nylon pouch for carry if you don’t want it loose in the pocket.

The SamoSaur is one of the first new for 2023 Boker pieces to hit shelves. It is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Boker SamoSaur

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