Kizer Spot Brings Style to its EDC Role

Last week saw the arrival of the first batch of new for 2023 Kizer models. The batch included a new collaboration with Damned Designs, but the in-house team weren’t resting on their laurels either. They’re the minds behind the Spot, an elegant EDC that blends style and substance.

You can approach the concept of everyday carry from many different angles, so we see knives with all sorts of different blade shapes falling under the EDC designation (at least by their makers). The blade on the Spot looks pretty distinct, a low-slung, sweeping, modified wharncliffe with a harpoon swedge. That’s a lot of descriptive prose, but the end result, surprisingly, isn’t overly busy; it actually comes across as clean and intuitive, a handy shape for daily cutting chores and, at 2.91 inches, right in the ballpark lengthwise too.

The deployment method and blade steel are both classic Kizer: a ball-bearing flipper tab and 154CM. These are two known quantities when implemented by the company, so you know the deployment will be snappy, and the steel well-suited, if not to excel compared to modern super steels, then to perform admirably in its role for its price.

The aluminum Spot is the slightly heavier of the two

The Spot’s blade is skinny and stylish; so too is the handle. Hard lines give it a futuristic tinge, but don’t muck up its welcoming ergonomics; this is a handle that lets the user decide the best way to hold it for the task at hand. In an interesting twist, you can choose from two very different materials for the handle construction: either a black aluminum frame, or a black/red, lava-like G-10 Damascus. The G-10 model is lighter at 2.65 oz., but even the aluminum model is pretty svelte at 2.87 oz. Both versions come with the same deep carry pocket clip.

As mentioned above, the Spot is part of the January ’23 Kizer release group. All of these knives dropped last Thursday and are available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Kizer Cutlery Spot

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