Boker Thunder Storm Appears on the Horizon

There’s a new Boker automatic knife poised for release, the Thunder Storm. Designed by Boris Manasherov and released under the Boker Plus label, the Thunder Storm fully embraces the tactical side of automatic knife design.

Automatic knives continue to struggle under legal burdens that other folding knives do not, but, in the U.S. at least, things have gotten much better over the years, thanks in no small part to efforts from organizations like AKTI and Knife Rights. And, as automatic knife legality has grown, so too have we seen the field diversify; these days there are more everyday carry-oriented automatic knife designs than there ever has been. The Thunder Storm seems to nod to the hard use/tactical elements that have always been a part of the automatic knife heritage.

Don’t get us wrong, the Thunder Storm certainly could be an everyday carry piece, particularly with a smallish 2.83-inch blade length; the generally useful drop point blade shape doesn’t hurt it in that regard, either. But Manasherov, a knife designer with a background in martial arts and military training programs, imbued the Thunder Storm with obvious tactical chops. It’s easy to see this one pulling double duty as a backup self-defense piece in addition to its workaday capabiltiies.

This single action auto opens with the press of the button mechanism, which is also the lock. It’s housed in an aluminum handle that has plenty of tactical knife design hallmarks: the big finger choil, hefty spineside jimping, and the glass breaker impact tool situated on the butt end. In either Thunder Storm flavor the handle is black, but if you want the tacticalest of the tactical options, you can get the blade with a matching black DLC.

One last, but important thing to note: the Thunder Storm also comes in a non-automatic version, so if you like the design but can’t opt in for legal reasons, Boker has you covered.

The non-auto Thunder Storm is available now; the automatic flavor will be available soon.

Knife in Featured Image: Boker Plus Thunder Storm

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