Brian Efros Conductor is a Premium Boker Plus Release

There’s a fresh Brian Efros joining the Boker Plus lineup this fall, a premium folder called the Conductor. The Conductor sees Efros pulling out all the stops, creating a production knife that hews closer to his custom work than his prior Boker release.

When Efros last collaborated with Boker, it was for a production version of the Jive, one of his custom models. Boker Plus used to be associated strictly with budget knives; more recently it has expanded its remit to include knives at pretty much every price point, and the Jive fell right into the middle of the field, with a sub-$200 price point and materials of both higher and lower levels: titanium handle, D2 blade.

The frame lock is hidden beneath a large carbon fiber inlay

The Conductor does things differently. For a start, it isn’t a direct adaptation of an Efros custom. The Efros lineage is clear, especially in the hint of the Paragon in the blade shape, but the Conductor does its own thing. It packs a low-slung drop point that measures a sound 3.35 inches, enough edge for the full spectrum of everyday carry chores. It opens with a thumb disk and is made from S35VN, a hardy standby super steel with plenty of everything you look for in a day-to-day knife: edge retention, stain resistance, and toughness.

Ergonomically speaking Efros drew up a clean and low-key kind of handle, but it still has that premium vibe thanks to full, smooth titanium scales and big front and back carbon fiber inlays. In keeping with the general primo feel here, the Conductor comes with a titanium pocket clip, and a nylon sheath for storage when you’re not toting it around.

The Conductor is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Boker Plus Conductor

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